In the past several years, Juteau Johnson Comba Inc. has prepared over 100 reports for expropriation purposes. These expropriations have ranged from partial takings of residential properties to the full taking of a subdivision. Types of properties affected include single family residential homes, residential land, industrial land, commercial and industrial properties and residential subdivisions. Issues addressed include loss of frontage/lot size resulting in injurious affection, landlocking of remaining lands, injurious affection caused by the works, application of the home-for-home entitlement, development costs, timing and profit for a subdivision, identification of the larger parcel and the impact of undevelopable land on the value of a subdivision.

While most expropriation files are settled, several files have resulted in Board of Negotiation hearings or hearings before the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal.

The principals of Juteau Johnson Comba Inc. are knowledgeable in expropriation issues and jurisprudence relating to the many provisions of the Expropriations Act of Ontario and can knowledgeably assist legal counsel in identifying the valuation issues, coordinating expert testimony, preparing expert reports, researching and critiquing reports of opposing expert witnesses and providing credible expert witness testimony.